In this section, I give a bit more information on some of the techniques used in my books that readers sometimes find a bit tricky. If you have anything that you would like me to include here, please let me know by emailing me at fkgoble@btinternet.com.

Working the toes on the paws of the animal scarves

On quite a few of the scarves (cat, mouse, kitten, koala, monkey, frog) you have to knit separate toes on the paws. The guide below has been written specifically for the cat scarf, but the technique is the same in all cases.

IMG_20151208_161201838You knit the rows just before it says ‘shape paw’. Then you knit just 2 stitches on the next row. You are going to be working on just these 2 stitches for a bit, leaving the remaining stitches on your needle. So knit another three rows on your needle. The end of your work should now look like photo 1.

IMG_20151208_161354587Now you bind (cast) off one stitch so it looks like photo 2.

The first two steps should all be fairly straightforward. The next bit is a little trickier and is where some people are finding it hard…

IMG_20151208_161523521You have to pick up and knit 1 stitch from the row ends on the left-hand side of this small protrusion you have just knitted. And then you bind/cast it off. And you do that once more down to the base of the protrusion. It should now look like something like photo 3.

IMG_20151208_161905379Then you knit another stitch from the left hand needle and bind/cast it off and then knit another stitch – so you now have two stitches on your right-hand needle again (and two stitches remaining on your left needle) as shown in photo 4.

IMG_20151208_162152242Now do it all over again once more so your work looks like photo 5.

IMG_20151208_162249553Then knit 3 rows and bind/cast off at the top so it looks like photo 6.

In some of the patterns, you have to pick up and then bind/cast off stitches down the side of the last ‘toe’ as well – which I haven’t shown here but by now I hope you get the general method.