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This is my latest book which will be out at the end of March. It’s been a rush but a huge amount of fun. It includes all the main wedding characters – Kate and Will of course but also Harry, the Queen – and even a corgi. I’m really looking forward to seeing final copies and if you sign up for my blog feed I’ll let you know when copies are out.






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This was my first book, published last Christmas, which includes a beautifully retold nativity story and includes knitting patterns for all the main nativity characters including the donkey and of course baby Jesus (complete with diaper under his swaddling cloths). It also features a fold-out stable scene. I’m very, very proud of it. The people at Ivy Press did a wonderful job.


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  1. joanne goode

    i am making the santa claus from twas the knits before christmas – on page 55 in the instructions for the back of the body it says “work as for front
    as far as *. but i can’t seem to find an * marking any of the text for the
    instructions for the front of the body – can someone help me with this – i
    am trying to get it done before xmas of course!

    • Hi Joanne
      Thanks for the email. Now, the two body pieces are knitted exactly the same (the pattern begins at the end of page 54). It is the two head pieces that are different. It is the front and back of the head pieces that are different and this is the pattern completely on page 55. The asterix on the front head pattern is at the end of the 9th line down on the pattern. Does that make sense? Let me know.
      Best wishes

  2. joanne goode

    my cheeks are as pink as Santa’s – a little while after i sent the question, i sat
    down with the book and realized my mistake – but thanks for such a quick response – by the way, the book is wonderful, I just bought another copy for
    a friend – and if i hadn’t been confused, I wouldn’t have discovered your
    knitting blog …thanks, joanne

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Joanne. Really glad you like it.

  4. HI Joanne,

    I knitting out of your Knitivity book. Do you have any hints for a beginner knitter on the Ox? I have made several pieces and they have turned out great, but some how I just can’t figure out the ox.

    I LOVE the donkey and sheep!

    • Hi there and thanks for the post and comments. Now it’s a while since I devised this pattern but I’m sure I can help if you let me know if there’s an exact bit that’s giving you a problem. Is that the case or is it all just a bit confusing? Let me know and I will do what I can.

      • Birgit

        I also have a problem with the Ox, it is the binding off 5 and again later but both binding off’s are on the same side? Like 2 steps, not sure how this is supposed to fit together. please help

  5. Val

    Are you making a pattern for thr Golden Jubilee . As with your Royal wedding Pattern, we made the royals and auctioned them and raised over £500 for our Village Defibrilator. I do hope you will be doing a pattern, as i helps to make our day special

    • Hi Val – Yes! I am doing a new jubilee dress, cape, shoes and bag for the Queen which will be appearing on the Deramores website. It’s a big (and very good) knitting website with a huge choice of yarn. It’s not up there yet but photography is being done today so it shouldn’t be too long hopefully. If you’re on Facebook, you can link up with them and I think you’ll probably get notification when the pattern is there. Really chuffed to hear about the defibrillator – it’s nice to think that a pattern I wrote is helping causes like that.

      • Hello, I am so excited for the jubilee additions to the knit the royal wedding. When will they be on the deramores website? I haven’t been able to see them there yet, maybe I have missed them?

      • Hi Emma. Sorry for late reply. Just found out the pattern will be on the Deramores site on 11 April. Took a while to do the photos, check the pattern etc. Hope you like it. Best wishes Fiona

  6. I have two problems. Let me preface this with I have 5 kids and I am easily distracted.

    When I look at the picture of your ox, it looks like it is stitched in the stocking stitch all the way through, except in two spots where you stitch to the garter stitch. Somehow when I do the switch from the stocking stitch to the garter stitch, I never get changed back. My ox is half stocking stitched and half garter stitched. I have knit it 3 times and I can’t figure out my mistake.

    The other problem I have is sewing it up. You have the two spots where you have reduced by 5 stitches and I can’t figure out where to sew. This problem may go away if I could figure out where my first mistake is made. I also may just be confused.


    • Hi there Holly

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – I’ve been laid low with a nasty cold. Hopefully a bit more clear-headed this morning.

      Right now… I’ve attached a copy of the text about the garter stitch at the neck of the ox and again round the nose which shows where it is in the pattern and I really hope that helps. (Am I right in thinking you are in the US in which case your book may be a little different in format to my UK version) but the text should be the same.

      The two bits where you cast off 5 sts form the bit of the ox just below the neck. Hopefully this will be clear when you’ve sorted the first bit – and so sorry you’ve had to knit it three times already. But congratulations on doing any knitting at all round five children!

      Best wishes


      Please visit my knitting blog to find out more-than-you-probably-want-to on my knitting books and ideas


      • Sarah

        My Mom and I are also having trouble with that part of the ox, but we think she has found the problem: the second bullet on the second page of the pattern shouldn’t be there. There are NO rows between the two “bind off 5 stitches” rows, not 9 rows of st st. I think you will find it works up correctly when you do that.

  7. Zhanna

    Hello Fiona!
    Your books are great! I’m going to buy them but I’ve got a question. The internet shops such as Amazon and Bookdepository don’t deliver items to Russia. How can I purchase your books?
    Best regards

  8. anne

    Hi, I have so thoroughly enjoyed knitting your adorable Knitivity in its entirety, but I’m finding myself a little stumped on my last figure…the donkey. I finished the first body section and can’t figure out where to “pick up and K 12 sts along one side of the front end of the body, then cast on 34 sts.” So, if I’m holding the completed body section right side toward me, it’s in the shape of an hour glass. Do I pick up at the top of the hourglass, or do I turn it on its side, or…? I’m at a loss and so eager to complete the “heirloom” set, which my kids are already fighting over! 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Anne
      Thanks for the post. Now, at the end of page 40 you should end up with a piece of knitting that looks a little like an hour glass, as you say. Start picking up at the bottom of one side of the hourglass and pick up the 12 stitches between here and the ‘waist’ of the hour glass (where the two markers are marking the front and back of the top of the finished donkey). Then cast on your 34 sts. It will look a bit weird at this stage but by the time you’ve come to the end of it, I think you’ll see how it comes together. Let me know if this doesn’t make sense and I will post some sketches.
      Best wishes, Fiona

  9. anne

    Thank you so much – that makes perfect sense!

  10. Katy

    I love your book Knitivity and I have really enjoyed making the characters!
    I have a question about the ‘people’ though, when I stitch them together to stuff them, the body and feet seem to be twisted to one side, I’m not sure what I do wrong, but it seems to have happened to all of them so far. Is this meant to happen or is it just my poor stitching skills?!
    Thanks for any advice!

    • Hi Katy. Thanks for the kind comments. I’m not sure what’s happening here – they’re not meant to twist round! Could it be that you are pulling the stitches in the seam up a little too tightly when you’re sewing them together? To remedy any figures already stitched up, you could try thouroughly dunking them in cool water, squeezing out the excess, reshaping them how you want them, then leaving them to dry (preferably in an airing cupboard to speed up the process a bit). I normally find this quite useful for reshaping small items like the clothes which can sometimes look a little weird just because of the way yarn goes when you knit it then sew it together. Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on. Best wishes Fiona

      • Katy

        Hi Fiona, Thanks for your quick reply! I will try stitching not so tight next time and I will also try the dunking and drying method and let you know how it goes! 🙂 Thanks again Katy

  11. Jeanie

    Love the Zombie book! I want to make them alI ASAP. However, I am making the Classic Zombie and I am confused by the First Leg instructions. Once I bind off the 18 stitches, I have stitches at each end and a gap in the middle. Then it calls for 23 knitted rows. Do I knit all 12 stitches into 23 rows? I am just not seeing how this becomes a leg. Can you please help?

    • Hi Jeanie. Thanks for the kind commments. Yes, knit across all the stitches on your needle. You will then have a strip of knitting with a hole in which looks weird I know. But when you fold it in half lengthways, the hole becomes the top of the foot. For knitting the leg together, I did a little Youtube video which you might want to check out at this URL:

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  13. nadia

    I’m knitting from your book de oranjes een uitgeBREIde geschiedenis and i have a question.
    Which yarn did you use to knit Maxima’severyday dress cause I can’t find the right yarn for it 😦

  14. Frances Stonehouse

    Hello Fiona!
    I just purchased your scarves and cowls book! I began the lacy knit neck warmer on pages 16/17 and am very confused. I cast on 85 stitches and began my two rows, however, both rows are decreasing rows…….

    I’m not sure if I’m missing something.

    Thank you in advance!

  15. Teresa Coleman-Hayner

    I’m working on Frankenstein in Knit Your Own Zombie; I’m working on his coat. For the very last row after creating the second armhole, it states to bind off 3 sts, k to end, then knit across other 34 sts. (42 sts). Is this a mistake? Shouldn’t I knit 11 stitches and bind off the last 3, so it looks like the other end? Then knit (or perl) across the next 42 stitches in the next row?


  16. Dear Fiona, I’d love to talk to you about a project. Do get in touch.

  17. Sue kraft

    I love the book Animal scarves, mitts and sock! I am making several of scarves for 4,5,6, year olds can I use worsted weight yarn an #9 needles and get a good result? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Sue

    • Fiona

      Hi Sue. Your worsted weight yarn is like our Aran, so quite a fair bit thinner than chunky (bulky) yarn. I don’t think there’s a big problem in having the whole item smaller for a young child – you could always carry on knitting for a bit longer if your worried about the length. My suggestion would be to work up a swatch in your yarn and chosen needle size and work out what the finished size of your project will be from that. That way you can avoid any nasty suprised. You shouldn’t have any problem with the proportions by working on smaller needles and thinner yarn – the whole thing will just be smaller! Hope that helps. All the best.

  18. Sue kraft

    Thank you so much…y o u made my day!!!!!

  19. Beth

    So excited to start in on your fairy tale characters! This book is lovely! Do you have a recommended brand of solid yarn that you use? I’ve also been looking for a pack of mini skeins for these guys but haven’t had any luck with that.

    • Fiona

      Hi Beth
      I’m not sure what country you’re based in but… I’m in the UK and I use Sirdar Country Style or King Cole Merino DK more often than other yarns as they are fairly reasonably priced. My guideline is to use a yarn with at least 20% wool (like Country Style). If it’s all acrylic (or cotton), it just doesn’t work as well because there’s so little stretch in the yarn and the finished items end up looking a bit ‘lumpy’, particularly at the seams. I too have had no luck in getting very small amounts of yarns that contain some wool – they all seem to be 100% acrylic and the colours aren’t usually very nice either. However, for very small amounts, I’ve had good results with 100% wool tapestry yarns. Hope this helps and all the best. Fiona

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  21. Bernice Tatton

    hello Fiona. my niece is having a baby girl in January & would like a knitted mermaid doll. I saw a lovely one on the cover of your next book ‘Knit your own dolls’ but its not out here in New Zealand until June 2018. Is there anyway I can purchase the mermaid doll pattern from you now?

    • Fiona

      Hi there Bernice and thanks for getting in touch. I’m so sorry – my doll book with the mermaid on the cover has literally just been written and the patterns are still being checked. The cover is a bit of a mock up. So unfortunately I can’t get the pattern to you right now. Please look out for it next summer though! Best wishes and happy knitting from Fiona.

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