My name is Fiona Goble and this is my knitting blog. I mostly knit small items like gifts, toys and household accessories rather than garments – though I can manage baby garments quite well.

I’ve written a couple of knitting books – with some more in the offing. And I’m also setting up a knitting website with lots of knitting tips for toy-makers and some patterns and other stuff.

I live in England, just outside London, with my partner and teenage son.

To contact me directly, please email me on fkgoble@btinternet.com


68 responses to “About

  1. Fiona,
    Really enjoyed visiting your web site, reading your craft show quips, watching the hilarious wedding video, viewing your “re-fashioned” clothes and —-finding out that you love rick-rack !!! My late mom mom sewed rick-rack on everything. Am 57. Grew up sewing Barbie doll clothes. Looking forward to talking with you tomorrow afternoon!

    Deborah (Debbie) Deasy
    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

  2. Dear Ms Goble,
    Had to tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Knit The Royal Wedding.
    I hope you will visit my blog, where I have just dedicated my latest post to your wonderfully clever book. I am a long time children’s book Illustrator and occasional author, dedicated anglophile (the post before your book recounts some of my experiences at Charles and Diana’s do (wish you had done that one too) and a very basic knitter. my blog: http://cateatsbananasandflies.blogspot.com/
    Can’t wait to receive my copy of your book.
    Thank you for contributing some witty fun in this often less than pleasant world.
    I hope you sell a zillion !! (Doing my best to help!!)

    Carolyn Croll

  3. Bob Hogarth

    Dear Fiona,If you didn’t already know the basket on the table in your photo in the Sunday Telegraph appears to be a Bolgatanga basket from Ghana (or The Gold Coast as it was when I was there.)They were made in a small village in the North of the country and were very popular with Europeans. I kept mine for many years until eventually the handle gave up the ghost and it then became a waste paper basket ! Kindest regards, Bob Hogarth.

  4. Julie Toouli

    Hi Fiona!!!!

    Congratulations! Your website looks great! Cute toys/dolls! Hope you’re well and look forward to more creations!

    Best wishes,

  5. Gaynor Tunbridge

    Hi.Just read your ‘My Space’ feature in The Sunday Telegraph. Read with huge interest news of a forthcoming book – Twas the Knit Before Christmas.
    Worth buying for the title!! I do hope the book will be published well before Christmas so that I can find some time to make up whatever the book holds !. I already hear the ‘oohs and aahs’………..
    I enjoy lots of crafts/textiles/pottery, have a huge quantity of interesting wool, gethered over the years. Knitting small ‘things’ would suit my hands!
    Please keep me posted !!

    Many thanks. Gaynor

  6. Christine

    Hi Fiona – I came across your blog while looking for information about your book “Make A Monster” – I didn’t realise you wrote the knit your own Royal Wedding book as well! I can’t knit, unfortunately, but can sew. I’m just trying to figure out whether “Martha” in “Make A Monster” has stuffed arms. The instructions indicate that she hasn’t but the pictures look like they are slightly stuffed, especially at instruction 9. Can you help? BTW I am sewing “Martha” at 200% for a present for an 8 year old girl – though I think my own 4 year old daughter desperately wants one too.

  7. Violet Frewin

    Love, love love your worl …………. Hope you can help me out here …………. are *we* allowed to sell our finished knitted creations please? I would love to make some for my grand-daughters school fair. I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. Thanks …………….. I am still trying to get a paperback copy of *Fleecie Pets* but without success.

  8. jojobryan

    Love your blog! Just discovered you:)


  9. Dorothy Reid

    Discovered your ‘Royal Knit’ just less than a month before the wedding. Really had the needles clicking because I also wanted Mrs Cox’s class at Banff Primary School to make an animation film of them. This was duly made, viewed and enjoyed by the whole school and the wider community. Hopefully you will also be able to access the animation on You Tube. Enjoy.

  10. Amanda

    I bought “Knitting the Royal Wedding” a few months ago, and I’ve been steadily knitting dolls and corgis ever since (and boring my friends and family with the pictures!). I’ve just finished William, and I’m very proud of the jacket – I used the same pattern, but changed the colours to match the uniform he actually wore. You’ll notice I made a few changes to Kate’s dress as well, adding some lace ribbon inserts to the neckline and sleeves. I’ve posted a few pictures online, I hope you enjoy them.


  11. Amanda

    I apologise, I forgot the link!
    I’m Canadian, by the way. The scope of your books is international :-).


  12. sarah Eklund

    Hello Fionna –

    I loved your Royal Family. Could you contact me at the email address below? I am interested in commissioning some knitted small characters. Thank you so much. sarah

  13. Rebecca

    Hello Fiona

    I very badly knitted some of the royal wedding for my children and wondered if you were going to do something for the jubilee? I may have to try the knitivity after that!


    • Hi Rebecca
      Thought I’d replied to you but can’t see a reply and think I may have got confused. Shortly, the Deramores knitting website is offering a new Jubilee dress and accessories for the Queen. it’s not there yet but should be there in a few weeks. Thanks for contacting me.

  14. Shirley

    Hello Fiona,

    I am busy with Knitivity at the moment and really enjoying your patterns. One thing I think myself and other knitters would love is a pattern for a camel.
    My favourite carol is “In the Bleak Mid Winter”
    which describes
    “The ox and ass and camel which adore.” I would love to include one in my scene. Any chance of one being produced?

    Best wishes

    Shirley Kirby

    • Hi Shirley
      I would have loved to do a camel – the hump could have been tricky though. No plans at present but I’ll speak to my publishers when I next see them and see if I can work something out.
      Best wishes and thanks for contacting me

      • Shirley Kirby

        Hello Fiona,
        I have now completed “Knitivity” and it has been a huge success! It was the cause of much delight at our recent church Christmas Coffee Morning and a photo of it will be appearing in the next parish magazine! Any news on the camel? I think it would finish the scene off perfectly


  15. Ms. Goble,
    Someone on Etsy.com is selling the patterns to your fleece dolls from your book titled “Fleecie Dolls: 15 Adorable Toys for Children of All Ages”. The link to her shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/kjitvimol and a link to just one specific pattern is: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93038567/anya-the-raggedy-ann-e-pattens-by-pdf. You are not the only person this seller is steeling from.

    I thought you needed to know, plus I can’t report her to Etsy.com for steeling intellectual property, only the owner can.

    You may get multiple messages or emails about this….

    • Thanks so much for letting me know that – I will see what I can do. It’s so unfair isn’t it – and a bit silly really. Thanks again for your time and trouble in contacting me.

  16. Susan, IL US

    Please tell me you are designing patterns based on Downton Abbey. Please?

    • Hi Susan – I’ve only just got into Downton having seen it on a plane journey a couple of weeks ago. What a good idea! Those costumes could be a bit tricky though! Fiona

      • Susan

        It would be tricky – just saw a news headline that the finale of Season 2 this past Sunday here in the US broke all PBS viewing records or some such!

  17. Bronwen

    Dear Ms Goble,

    I love your designs, and I would like to know whether you allow hobby crafters to sell toys based on your patterns at markets and so on? I know that some pattern makers do allow that. Obviously not mass produced, and with credit given to you as the designer. It’s awful that someone is selling copies of your patterns on Etsy, that is really bad. I’m hoping that you would see selling a couple of actual dolls as OK.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Bronwen
      Thanks for your kind comments. The copyright on my knitting patterns is actually owned by my UK publisher so you probably should check it out with them. Please feel free to tell them that I have said it is OK by me to sell a few items. The publishers are called Ivy Press and they are based in Lewes, England. If you google them, you should be able to link into an email address for them. My editor is called Tom Kitch.
      Thanks for getting in touch. I have just launched my own internet site where people will be free to make up the downloadable (some free and reasonably priced!) patterns. It is still at the early stages but you might want to check it out at knitaholic.co.uk.

      • Bronwen

        Hi Fiona,
        Thanks for your quick response, and your positive comments. I have contacted Ivy Press about it. I’ve had a look at your website, and bookmarked it! Your elephant pattern is gorgeous! And I like the wee bag too. I’ve been thinking about buying your knitivity book so I can knit myself a Nativity, I’ve wanted to have one for years. You are very talented.

  18. kristi

    Hi Fiona,
    I was looking at my knitivity book and thought of a great book idea for you. Knitcracker. Using characters from the nutcracker. All the little girls my daughter knows have just finished the local performance of the nutcracker and are so into playing nutcracker. They would LOVE knitted characters!

  19. Katey

    Dear Fiona, I just purchased your pattern book for Zombies. What fun! However, some have a wound on the elbow, but I can’t find instructions for that. Could you please advise me. Thank you. I shall now be looking for other pattern books from you. Katey, a Brit in the USA.

    • Hi Katey – Yikes! Perhaps something got left out – it does happen occasionally as we are all only human (though I feel a bit like a knitting robot at times!) Can you let me know which Zombie you’re looking at then I can let you know how I did it. Many thanks and apols for the inconvenience. Best wishes Fiona

  20. Katey

    Thank you for the fast reply. It’s the Classic Zombie, P 22. Second arm, outer arm.

    • Hi again Katey. If you look at the very first paragraph under the ‘Making and Decorating’ heading, I think the info should be there. Let me know if not. Believe it or not I don’t have my copy of the book yet so I am checking it against my last set of proofs. It’s possible something happened between then and printed copies. Must get in touch with my publisher and ask for a copy of my own book! They are normally very efficient. Happy knitting. Fiona


  21. Katey

    So it is. I thought I had checked there last night. Silly me. Thank you for the help. The book is great and the instructions easy to follow. I shall be looking forward the animal hats you have coming out. Katey.

  22. Tonya

    Hello Fiona,
    I taught myself to knit only a few months ago and Knit Your Own Royal Wedding was one of the first books I bought. PLEASE will you create A Knit Your Own Downton Abbey Cast?!?! I will pay ANY price!!!! Keep up the good work:) Thank you, Tonya

  23. Bobbi

    Hello Fiona,
    I recently bought you “Knitivity” book and made Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and donkey. They were a hit with family and friends. I am now trying to find yarn to knit the standing and sitting sheep, but I am having the most difficult time finding the yarn to match the one you used in your book. Can you tell me what yarn you used, the brand name and where to purchase it? I would be most grateful.
    Sincerely, Bobbi

    • Hi Bobbi
      I knitted the sheep in a soft boucle cream polyester yarn called Sirdar Snowflake and you should be able to get it at all Sirdar stockists but this might vary from country to country. I am based in the UK and it was a yarn in my local wool store. The sheep should knit up fine in any cream or white boucle DK yarn so if you can’t get the Sirdar one, type in something like ‘cream boucle DK yarn’ into a search engine and it should come up with something suitable.
      All the best

  24. Walter

    Hi, Fiona. Sorry about my English. I’m an argentine journalist. I’m writing an article about books of the Netherlands Royal Family. I want to contact you about “De oranjes”. Regards

  25. Debbie McGiboney

    Hi Fiona – I Just wanted to tell you I have never been much of a knitter – mostly crochet for many years. When I saw your pattern for Baby Bear I knew I had to have one and the only way to get it was to make it myself. So I did! I love him – now I bought The Knit before Christmas and Knit your own zombie and I’m about halfway through a zombie! Thank you for your detailed instructions that are going to make it possible for me to make such professional looking toys – and they are so much fun! Bless you for sharing your knowledge and abilities!

  26. Hi Fiona-
    I heard that you published an update to the Knit Your Own Royal Wedding Book to include a baby. I own this book. How do I go about obtaining the update?

  27. Hi Fiona,

    I’m writing from the publicity department at Transworld Publishers and was wondering if you’d be interested in a new book we’re releasing, Here’s a brief pitch which should give you a general idea of its contents:

    ‘WTF Knits’ by Gabrielle Grillo is a hysterical book which showcases some woollen wonders that will really blow your mind. For the last four years, Grillo has been scouring the web for the most bizarre knitted items she can find. After you’ve read ‘WTF Knits’ and stitched your sides back together, you might just be inspired to dust off your needles, dig out your balls of wool and knit something downright odd yourself.

    I was wondering if you’d like to receive a sample copy of the book with a view to writing a short post/review for your blog.

    If you’re interested please send me an email.

    Kind regards,


  28. Robin Clarfk

    Fiona, I am having trouble putting together the free Frankenstein pattern you offer. Can you help me? Thanks so much.

  29. Colleen Dorsey

    Dear Fiona,

    My name is Colleen Dorsey, and I work with Fox Chapel Publishing, which as you may know recently acquired New Holland UK. We haven’t found any contact information for you in all the records that New Holland has provided to us! It’s pretty silly, but I need to get in touch with you about your book Fun with Stitching, which we are reprinting. It’s somewhat urgent.

    Please shoot me an email at the address I provided to submit this comment (I don’t want to post my email publicly.)

    Thanks very much!
    Colleen D.

  30. Peggy in Pflugerville, Texas, US

    I am in the process of making your Knitivity and have really enjoyed the process. I am having a problem with the ox and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong when I try to put the main body together. It doesn’t seem to line up and looks distorted when I finish. Everything else looks like they should. Do you have any hints or written suggestions?

  31. Wendy

    Hi Fiona. In some ways I wish my (then) nine year granddaughter had never seen your royal wedding in the press and asked me to make it for her as it has let to a busy couple of years! On the other hand what did I do with those dark winter evenings before your books? Since the wedding, knitted after the event and customised to match colours and uniforms worn, I have made a popular boy band with hair and clothing styled to match the real thing; an Olympic male diver; two nativities with one more planned for this year, and my biggest achievement – ALL of the 12 days of Christmas. I got a bit tired of making the same pattern after the 7 swans so varied the clothes of the dancers, drummers and pipers to include ballet, modern, Irish and Scottish dancers, pan pipers and bagpipers in kilts, and African drummers. My two smallest grand daughters are allowed to play with these whilst they are out as part of the Christmas decorations.
    I am currently toying with the idea a knitted school, sponsored to raise money for 50th anniversary celebrations of primary school I am involved with. So far the prototype boy I am knitting has the pipers body, lounge suit adapted to blazer and shorts and prince Harry’s hair as it is modelled on my red headed son who is now 36. Luckily it a small school and I can recruit other knitters to help!
    By the way our favourite characters are one nativity ox which turned out much larger than it should have and has an embarrassed air about it. Also the Archbishop of Canterbury in the wedding – and the corgis of course.

  32. Hello,
    I know this isn’t knitting related but I just wanted to say that I love your book, Sew Quick Sew Cute :). I have made and blogged about a couple of projects in there and I have more planned. I thought I would share my makes with you in case you are interested http://60degreesofinspiration.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/penguin-playset.html

    Thank you

  33. Hi Fiona, we’d love to talk to you about book ideas….

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  35. rachel southon

    Hi there
    I’m currently knitting the jacket for Frankenstein but the instructions don’t make sense to me at the point where you rejoin the yarn to the last 14 st. It tells you to cast off 3 st then K across the reamining stitches to the end of all the st on the needles but that means you cast off in the middle of the jacket rather than the neck collar where the jacket fronts meet? What am I missing? Doing wrong?

  36. polly


    Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed knitting many of the items (more than once), in your Cute & Easy Knitting book. After not knitting for many, many years, I bought the book whilst recovering from breast cancer in 2014 and I haven’t stopped since. It’s really inspired me to knit… and to take up crochet – any chance of a Cute & Easy Crochet book?!
    Thank you Fiona.
    Best wishes

    • Fiona

      So moved to receive your message. I would love to write a book on crochet but sadly I am not that great of it – though weirdly I bought a crochet magazine in the supermarket today so hopefully I’m going to improve! Very best wishes Fiona.

  37. Carol

    Just bought your book Knit Your Own Zombie and have very excited children who wish for them to be made soon. Of course I have never knit with Dk wool before and was hoping small bundles of this type of yarn available. Wondering what you used exactly for the zombies.

    • Fiona

      Hi Carol. Thanks for the question. DK yarn is the same as ‘light worsted’ in USA. I don’t know where you’re based but I’m in the UK and we call it DK. In the UK you can buy some DK brands in small quantities (25g so about half the regular size ball). If you need really small amounts, you can also use tapestry yarn (which comes in very small skeins) and is approx. DK thickness. Also, don’t forget to raid your local thrift stores for yarns (a very good source I’ve found) or swap yarns with friends. I always try to use a yarn with at least some wool in it as the results are much better. Avoid the very cheap 100% acrylics and also cotton yarns. They just don’t have enough natural stretch, although you can get away with acrylics for the clothes (as opposed to the main dolls). Other than that, any yarn will be fine. I’m not loyal to particular brands. For toys, I just don’t think it makes a huge difference whether you buy something expensive like Rowan or something more reasonably priced such as Drops or the King Cole range (available in the UK but I don’t know about other countries). Hope this helps and happy knitting.

  38. Lina

    I just have to say, I love your Monsterbook. It is my favorite and I bought a brand new when my friend stole mine, can’t live without it. I adore Tobi the rabbit. I bought the book in Germany and there the book is called Monstermania (I am fluent in german, but I am norwegian) and I even thought the book/author was german before I found out you’re from UK . 😉
    I randomly found the book: knit your own royal wedding on amazon. I had to laught SO MUCH, That is genius and too fun, so I recommenended the book on a norwegian knitting facebookpage.
    Greetings from Norway. *Lina

    • Fiona

      Hi Lina
      Thanks for your lovely comments – it has been a very nice way to start my week.
      Greetings from London and best wishes

  39. Adeline Johnston

    I am so struggling with the Ass in the nativity book once you case off the stitches where do you pick up the 12 stitches from , book isnt avery clear to me. thank you

    • Fiona

      Hi Adeline
      Sorry you are having problems with this. I’m going to send some info to your email address. Let me know if it doesn’t come through. I hope it helps sort it but get back to me if not and I will try again!
      Best wishes

  40. Kathryn

    Hi Fiona
    I have just purchased your knitted animal hats book as I’m hoping for some quick win Christmas pressies! Better get started!
    I saw back in 2013 that someone asked Ivy publishing about selling a few of your items at craft fairs. Do you know if they were allowed to? I’d like to sell a few at a Christmas fair.
    Thank you

  41. Thanks Kathryn. I love that one.
    Also don’t forget my I am moving to a new website at http://www.fionagoblecom

  42. Whoops. Forgot the full stop. New site is at http://www.fionagoble.com

  43. alison foster

    Hello Fiona can the wool used in your knitted animal scarves mitts and socks be ordered of your web site

    Thanks Alison

    • Fiona

      Hi Alison. Thanks for the message. I don’t actually sell any yarn directly. I’m not sure where in the world you are based but I am in the UK and use a site called Love Knitting for almost all my yarn and can recommend their speed of delivery and customer service – I am not in any affiliate relationship with them, I promise! But I do find them very pleasant and very efficient which is important to me, and their prices are also fair. Hope this helps. With best wishes. Fiona

  44. Kyrsten McDonald

    Hi! I’m currently working on your Farm Yard Knits and loving it! But I’ve gotten so lost in Anna’s dress, I can’t make sense of how to put it together. I’m on the first part of ‘Join Pieces’. Any help would be so appreciated! Thanks for the great books!

    • Fiona

      Hi Kyrsten. Thanks for the email and the nice comments. OK. So when you have knitted the back and two fronts (which should be more or less mirror images of each other), you start with the ‘Join pieces’ bit. So for the instructions under this heading, you continue on the ‘left front’. On that first row, you are knitting on the stitches for the left front, then work across stitches on back, then across stitches on ‘right front’. When you’re doing this, make sure that the right side of all pieces are facing you. Once you’ve cracked this first line, I think it should be ok for you. Have a go and let me know if not and I will draw a diagram. Best wishes and good luck! Fiona

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