Vive La France


I’ve just come back from Lille, northern France, after a short break to celebrate my son’s 19th birthday. In Furet du Nord, a massive bookshop on one of the main squares in the old town, I was delighted to discover not just one but two of my books – the French versions, of course. (Note to self: The next time I ask my son to take a quick snap, make sure the angle is more flattering and that I’m not pulling a stupid face.)



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2 responses to “Vive La France

  1. Bonnie Dudgeon

    I’m not sure if you can devulge the brand of DKyarn you use for your royals,zombies & all but I personally would appreciate knowing because the uniformity is not not there. Please help me w/ this dilemma as I do love your overall look.

    • Fiona

      Hi there Bonnie
      I’m based in the UK and so generally use UK yarns. My favourite brands are King Cole Merino yarn and Sirdar Country Style DK. The King Cole is 100% wool, the Sirdar one just 20% wool. I also use Rowan and Debbie Bliss yarns quite a lot and sometimes Patons too. My general advice is use something that is at least 20% wool – 100% acrylic or cotton yarns just don’t knit up well for my items because they don’t have enough natural stretch. I tend to use different yarns because I quite like a non-uniform look and am more led by colour. Hope that all helps! Happy knitting and thanks for getting in touch.

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