Please get back to me

scarvesA reader recently got in touch with me with a query on the pattern for the hedgehog mitts shown here. Non-tekkie me has stupidly managed to delete her email (gone right out of my trash folder) before I had the chance to reply. Please could you get back in touch if you read this and sorry for the problem. I really do try to answer all queries but this has gone astray and my email people are not being very helpful.



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8 responses to “Please get back to me

  1. dorris rutten-linnemann

    dear Fiona Goble, first I want to tell you that I have knitted many times your Christmas family for my grandchilderen, friends as a gift., really loverly. Even so is the royal family of Holland, really funn too and also often knitted by me. Now I see you book with knitted animal scarves. Can I order this book by my bookstore? please may I receive an answer from you, dorris rutten, Holland

    • Fiona

      Hi Dorris
      Thanks for your lovely comments. The book is quite new so is still out there. I haven’t heard that it’s been translated into Dutch but I’ll check this out with my publishers and let you know. You should be able to get the English version – from UK online book companies if not through a bookshop in Holland. All the best for now.

  2. Cortney Calahan

    Hi Fiona, I just bought your book and had a really hard time deciding which pattern to try first – they are all super adorable! I decided to try an easy one first – the octopus scoodie. Except my children would fit a size for ages 6-8. Curious if there is a specific way to increase the hat size or should I just go with your pattern but make the hat as I would with size 10.5 needles (US) and guestimate where to start the tentacles so they are roughly in the same positions as your pattern?

    • Fiona

      Hi Courtney. Thanks for your nice comments. What I would do is cast on 54 sts instead of 48 and mark the 21st and 34th cast-on stitches. Knit 4 rows as stated in the pattern for the hat border. Then work 18 rows in stockinette instead of 16 so your hat is a little longer. Then instead of row 21 work this row: K3, (sl2, k1, p2sso, k6) 5 times, sl2, k1, p2sso, k3. This will give you 42 sts. You can then work the instructions as written in the pattern from row 22 to the end. I hope that makes sense. Get back in touch if there’s a problem. I am pretty sure you will still have enough yarn with the quantities states. All the best. Fiona

  3. Cortney Calahan

    I am also curious about the bear scoodie. Do you use circular needles to make the hat?

    • Fiona

      Hi again Cortney – and sorry just seen I spelt your name wrong in my last message. No, I didn’t use circular needles. I hardly ever do. They are much more popular in the US than here in the UK for some reason. All the best again. Fiona

  4. Lilli

    I recently purchased your book, can you explain your direction for the paws on the mouse scarf? Its confusing. Please clarify with pictures if possible..

    • Fiona

      Hello there
      Please check out the TUTORIALS section at I hope it clears things for you but please get back to me if you still have a problem. Many thanks. Sorry I cannot do a link as this part of my system is not working. I will try and email you with it.
      With best wishes from Fiona.

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