Get knitting animal scarves for Christmas

If you want to get knitting some wearable animaly items for Christmas or any other time – I’ve got a new book out that will fit the bill perfectly. It includes knitted cat scarves, penguin socks, a rabbit scarf, fox scarf… and loads more including the cute hedgehog mitts on the cover. Check it out on Amazon UK here or Amazon USA here. Or better still get down to your local book store. scarves



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13 responses to “Get knitting animal scarves for Christmas

  1. I just bought your “Knit Your Own Zombie” book for a dear friend who knits for her birthday. I can’t WAIT for her to open it, she’s going to LOVE it! I was wondering if you might share where you got the eye beads…they are the icing on the cake! Thanks for the really, really, fun book!

  2. Victoria

    Hi Fiona
    I wanted to get in touch with you regarding a possible commission — for a high-profile, commercial project. I can’t see where to make contact on your blog, please could you advise?
    kind regards

  3. Fiona

    Hi there – Thanks for the kind comments. If you mean the eye-looking eye bead on the classic monster, I got them in my local bead store but it was a while back. I have some spare though – though they are all a little different. So if you (or anyone else) contact me again with a mailing address I will send you a couple. Get in touch directly on Sadly, all my blog comments don’t get through to me for some reason and I only see them weeks later! Best wishes Fiona

  4. on the raccoon scarf, the instructions for attaching the two head pieces dont make sense. it seems that the raccoons face will end up on the back of the scarf and not on the stockinette side. I’m a bit nervous about knitting for 107 rows or whatever if its going to be wrong. :/

    • Fiona

      Hi Elizabeth and thanks for getting in touch. I don’t think the instructions are wrong. The main part of the scarf is knitted so that the back of the head is on the underside – on row 26 you will knit rather than purl which transfers the side the stocking (stockinette) stitch appears. So when you sew the face on with the pieces right sides together and turn the piece the right way out it will be on the front. This is a bit hard to explain in words so I will email you a diagram. Hope this helps and all the best, Fiona.

  5. Bridget

    Hi Fiona! I received your animal scarves book for Christmas and can’t wait to purchase the animal hats book too. For the Seal Pup Scarf, are the flippers attached to the edges of the scarf between row 15 and row 36? Looking at the photograph in the book, the flippers seem to be positioned further back. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Fiona

      Hi Bridget – I think you’re right. The actual scarf is with my publisher so I’m going to contact them and get them to check. I think what I’ve probably done is count 15 rows from the end of the face shaping – but I will check. Sorry! If you’re fine with counting rows, it shouldn’t affect things to carry on knitting because the fins are worked at the end. All the best Fiona.

  6. Bridget

    Any news from your publisher about the Seal Pup Scarf? I’m ready to add the flippers.

  7. Fiona

    Hi Bridget and thanks for your patience. I received the scarf back from my publisher yesterday. The 14 stitches for the flippers are knitted on from row 28 to row 48 – I will ammend on my Errata. So sorry for the inconvenience. But well spotted! All the best Fiona

  8. Fiona

    Great! That is one of my favourites – I think the combination of the two yarns works really nicely.

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