Awesome work

Window3One of my readers has completed an amazing feat and knitted all the items from ‘The twelve knits of Christmas’ – that’s a staggering 78 items and, really, only the gold rings are very quick to do. Congratulations and thank you, Patricia. I love the way you’ve done the characters’ eyes and the eight ladies are perfectly posed. The items were featured in her local bookshop window over Christmas.



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5 responses to “Awesome work

  1. Crikey! That’s knitting beyond the call of duty!


  2. It is indeed! I knitted them all too – correct numbers of birds but only one of each character. They looked great in my window for all to see!
    Reason I wanted to get in touch is to let you know that you spawned this:
    I’ve mentioned your name and book to all but not always picked up. But huge thanks for such an inspiring beginning – I love my little Royal family – just taking a break from knitting Prince George now…

    • Fiona

      Hi Pat
      Love your version of Cameron, particularly great hair!
      Keep up the good work.
      Fiona – just found your email in my spam folder. Something weird happening on my new computer.

  3. I live in the USA, and I have had a problem finding yarn for knitting one of your fabulous zombies in the appropriate size and choice of colors. I knitted the classic zombie, but I wound up with an eleven inch doll because I could not find the appropriate gauge yarn in a good range of colors. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    • Fiona

      The basic gauge I use is UK double knitting (DK) which is the same as ‘light worsted’ in the USA. I knit on smaller needles than usual for this weight of yarn – the European 3mm is a big smaller than US size 3, so you could try US size 2 needles if you find things coming out a big too big on the size 3. Is that helpful? All the best.

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