Apologies to all

Just an apology for anyone who’s contacted me on my blog about possible errors in any of my books. My computer skills and my WordPress skills in particular are pretty basic and the messages haven’t got through to me. I am going to go through all the queries, check them, and put any errors on my Errata page in this blog. This might take me a bit of time as I knitted the items a while back and they’ll need a careful check. Sorry guys. Will get some help so that any comments of this kind can get through to my main email address in future. Please rest assured my patterns are checked several times but mistake still do happen – some of my problems, while not exactly complicated, involve lots of steps and my team and I are only human.


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One response to “Apologies to all

  1. Colleen Dorsey

    Dear Fiona,

    My name is Colleen Dorsey, and I work with Fox Chapel Publishing, which as you may know recently acquired New Holland UK. We haven’t found any contact information for you in all the records that New Holland has provided to us! It’s pretty silly, but I need to get in touch with you about your book Make a Monster, which we are reprinting. It’s somewhat urgent.

    Please shoot me an email at the address I provided to submit this comment (I don’t want to post my email publicly.)

    Thanks very much!
    Colleen D.

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