I normally like Anthropologie but really

Now I am normally a fan of the fashion and home shop Anthropologie – if not exactly keen on it rather hefty prices.

But isn’t this necklace completely mad (yeah I know it looks more like some weird headband)?

For starters it isn’t even nice – don’t think the colours work at all.

But worse than that,  it costs a staggering £198!

Now if I wasn’t actually quite busy at the moment, I think I could knock up a few decent copies if only I could think of some friends that I’d really want to get rid of.



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12 responses to “I normally like Anthropologie but really

  1. Mrs Gaynor Tunbridge

    I quite agree with your comments re Anthropologie – what an embarrassment – one of those times when one thinks “I could do better than that” !!

    Maybe I will try – after Christmas……..

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  3. Hilarious. Although I think that palette could work in some instances.
    The one time I’ve been inside Anthropologie I did question what this world is coming to that some people can easily breeze in and buy such expensive nonsense when there are homeless people sitting outside the shop selling the BIg Issue

  4. I know the feeling of shock and surprise when I see these sorts of art pieces. 🙂 On the plus side, however, it helps justify the cost of my commissioned pieces. 🙂

  5. ruth

    Do you know of any knitting groups in berkhamsted?

    • Hi Ruth. Sorry – no, I don’t. It might be worth asking at the craft shop – I think they sell knitting yarns and they are very clued up staff. Hope you find somewhere. Best wishes, Fiona.

  6. Terry

    Staggering! This week one of my knitting class went to Kings Road Anthropologie and wanted to know what neo-fairisle is. We checked out the “neo-fairisle cardigan” for £158 on their website. Using huge needles they seem to have inside-out knitting around the back yoke. Is this the meaning of “neo”? Terry.

    • Hi Terry – I’ve just checked that cardigan out. It’s not nice is it? Certainly not £158 nice! Are people really spending that sort of money on clothes like that in a recession? Beats me! Still not quite as ghastly as the necklace though.

      • Terry

        I feel I would annoyingly catch the rather long strands of wool across the shoulders on things – like my comb or brush when doing my hair! But I agree the necklace and its price really takes the biscuit. Terry.

  7. YvonneD

    I think the Anthropologie necklace looks like a knitted earthworm… what an unattractive piece of work. The price is completely ridiculous.

  8. Wendy

    Couldn’t agree more!

  9. Anthropologie seems to be neo-speak for apologie for selling NAFF stuff and charging extortionate prices for it! Who actully buys these things? Reminds me a bit of Reggie Perrin’s rise to fame with Grot shops…


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