Great new Noah video

I am thrilled by the cute little video that has been produced to show off one of my latest books, Noah’s Knits. Even though I say it myself, it is adorable – and very short – so please check it out here.

Many thanks to Alan for doing this.

I love his quirky eye.



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6 responses to “Great new Noah video

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  2. Kim

    Love the video and I will be buying the book. I was part of a group who knit the royal wedding. We are currently knitting all the characters from ‘Twas the knits before Christmas. Will there be a video from that book?

    • Hi Kim
      Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure about a video for Twas the Knits. I’ll check with my publisher and see if they’ve got any plans. If there is one, I’ll definitely post it up on the blog. Best wishes from Fiona

  3. jojobryan

    Very cute video highlighting your knitted creatures – thanks:)

  4. jojobryan

    Fiona – while you are talking to your publishers. Ask them if they could put all your books into ebooks.


  5. Will do. Thanks for the suggestion.

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