Very interesting undies

Lover of all homemade things though I am, I think knitting your own undies is probably a step too far. The bloke’s pants are particularly weird-looking.  And surely sitting on all that knotty string chaffed your sensitive bits something chronic!

It’s a fab image though. It comes from one of my late grandmother’s old sewing and knitting mags, kindly passed to me by my Aunt Ruth (my Dad’s sister) who’s just had a clearout prior to moving home.

The magazine is called Pins & Needles no. 140. It’s undated which is annoying but I’m pretty sure it’s from around 1960.

All I can add is thank goodness for M&S.



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4 responses to “Very interesting undies

  1. Jill Cousin

    How interesting! I remember my dad wearing this vest, knitted by my mum in the 1960s. He didn’t have the pants though. I’ve probably still got her pattern at home somewhere. I thought that it was knitted with dishcloth cotton.

  2. Johnny M

    I’m intrigued to see that the men’s pants require “2 balls for each size”

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