Nutty knitting fact

I was surprised to read that the wool from a single sheep (presumably over the course of its life) could be spun into a length of yarn that could go round the world eight times! At least I think that’s roughly what it says.

I’m currently reading some children’s books in French in a desperate effort to improve my French skills.

Anyway they’re a charming series of books (this isn’t the best illustration but then a flying sheep is a bit of a challenge) in the Kididoc series and have all sorts of flaps to open, wheels to turn etc.

We bought them to help our son to learn French – and now he’s gone and chosen to do German instead and I can’t even count in German. You can lead a horse to water…



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2 responses to “Nutty knitting fact

  1. Margot Hayes

    This fact does not amaze me as the amount my two cats are shedding this Spring leads me to believe they have the raw materials too.

    • Hi Margot. I’ve heard of people who make cat hair into wool and knit with it. Sounds like a lot of hard work though!

      Please visit my knitting blog to find out more-than-you-probably-want-to on my knitting books and ideas

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