Weird to be in Time magazine

I did this interview for Time magazine a couple of weeks ago – me in my kitchen again. So glad we did that kitchen extension when my mortgage endowment coughed up a couple of years back. Hope this is viewable by my lovely readers in the USA and Canada. Or does the internet just not work like that. So annoying if that is the case.

Interview for Time


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One response to “Weird to be in Time magazine

  1. Margot Hayes

    Thank you. I am not sure what constitutes an video that can be seen beyond the shores but this seems to have fit the criteria. The interview was lots of fun. It was actually a bit of a shock as I lost my best friend a few of years back and you look a good bit like her, though much younger. Cynthia would be sixty now.

    Have you thought about a series of Drs. Who, Harry P. characters, Discworld characters (T. Pratchett)?


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