My knitted dolls appear on Graham Norton

I love Graham Norton – though I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea as you’ll probably see from the clip of the dolls on the show. For those of a sensitive disposition, you’ve been warned! I should have guessed that he’d do something like this!

To get my own back in a sort of tongue in cheek way I thought I’d post this perfectly dreadful picture of Graham. Graham, you have got too much fake tan and what the blazes has happened to your barnet?

If only I had a bit more time, I could work this up into a lovely knitted doll.

My knitted royal family on the Graham Norton show



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4 responses to “My knitted dolls appear on Graham Norton

  1. Its all great publicity and I hope you sell a zillion books.

  2. Margot Hayes

    Fantastic…Here (in the Colonies, don’t you know) I had never seen this show. What excellent P.R. This is the stuff you can’t force. Your designs are creating their own life. Onward, ever upward! NB, CAN

    • Hi Margot – thanks for that. He is a bit rude and I don’t normally like that sort of thing. But he’s also quick witted and doesn’t take himself too seriously which is nice.

      Please visit my knitting blog to find out more-than-you-probably-want-to on my knitting books and ideas

  3. Julia

    I bought your book for a friend because I saw the “knitted royal wedding” on a YouTube clip of Graham Norton and I thought it was fabulous. Now that she has the book, there are several others interested in your work. So there, all press is good press…

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