London Book Fair

I was at the London Book Fair on Monday and here I am being filmed alongside the knitted royals by the Press Association – and many thanks to the Press Association. Their coverage seems to have generated some more interest in the book which has been great.

The best thing about the photo is of course Nikki from Ivy Press who had to stand very still to create the backdrop with a Union Flag draped over some cardboard boxes.

It was a great day, except for the bit where the District Line on the Underground went up the spout which meant it took ages to get home.



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2 responses to “London Book Fair

  1. Margot Hayes

    Wonderful photo. I am probably going to finish my set in time to need a pattern for the first Royal baby but I only have the odd hour to work on them. They are very satisfying to do, though. You can watch the personality grow with each stitch. You’ve done a lovely job catching the expressions and personalities in each caricature!

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