Getting to grips with legs

Right now that’s a bit of an odd title but one or two of my readers are having a bit of bother seeing how the legs come together, so I thought I’d write a bit of a tutorial.

Click on the link below to get the PDF file.

How to knit the legs



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2 responses to “Getting to grips with legs

  1. I’m afraid I was one of Fiona’s readers that was having difficulties with knitting the legs for the characters in “Knit your own Royal Wedding”. Having read Fiona’s very detailed blog – I was amazed at the sheer simplicity and detail in her pattern and astounded at my own stupidity for not having understood from the beginning. Thanks Fiona!!!!

  2. Lorelle keogh

    I have been working my way through The Twelve Knits of Christmas while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Very therapeutic it has been too! Really glad I started with the twelve drummers. Think if I had started with one partridge, the project might never have been completed! I am on 4 calling birds now.
    My tip for legs – and indeed, all parts apart from completely flat pieces like aprons, is to use a circular knitting needle. Much neater – no seams! And all knit rows, rather than knit and purl. I even use them for the bodies and then just divide when I get to the hair in a different colour. Birds bodies and all are suitable for the circular technique.
    Also noses – my tip is to make a bobble cable style in the appropriate row:
    Knit front & back turn.
    (Purl front and back) twice, turn.
    Ssk, k2tog, turn.
    P2tog, turn.
    Slip 1 and knit to end of row.
    Much neater and easier than chain stitch.
    Lorelle Keogh

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