Bad manners

These are my knitted dolls in their specially-designed balcony in their specially-designed case. As I’ve already said, I was at the Stitch and Craft Fair in London last week and was thrilled with the positive comments I received except…

One lady in her 80s came along and proceeded to tell me how “ghastly” they were (that was the exact word she used) and that Jean Greenhowe (a British knitted toy designer) would have done a much better job!

Now I think Jean’s work is lovely but that’s not really the point.

I thanked her for the compliment (of course I wanted to say something significantly stronger) but can’t help feeling the irony got lost.

Did her mother never tell her that if you can’t think of something nice to say, then keep your mouth shut?



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4 responses to “Bad manners

  1. katie

    Well I think they are just fantastic – and I love the corgi!!

  2. Susan Leassner

    I just received your book and it’s as enjoyable to read as it is to look through. Even though it is a macabre thought, I keep wishing there was a pattern for Princess Diana to hover over the event. She will be in so many peoples thoughts that day. Her wedding dress would be a so recognizable.

  3. Margot Hayes

    This merely proves what I was saying on Facebook. You have begun to achieve the fame (lots more to come) that leads people to believe you are a “public figure” and therefore “public property” meaning that nothing they say to or about you counts. Ring Starr made some comment back in the beginning that he knew they had really arrived when people no longer felt they had to be polite or say nice things.

    Stand firm and proud. If your designs were not so intriguing, cute and attractive, you would not be out in the public eye where the rude and thoughtless (and, Yes, the spiteful and jealous) can get at you. Bet you are getting a much larger percentage of positive comments.

  4. Hello!
    Me and my mother (76) loves your knitted dolls! Today I bought the Zombie Book. Totally cute!

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