Awesome work

Window3One of my readers has completed an amazing feat and knitted all the items from ‘The twelve knits of Christmas’ – that’s a staggering 78 items and, really, only the gold rings are very quick to do. Congratulations and thank you, Patricia. I love the way you’ve done the characters’ eyes and the eight ladies are perfectly posed. The items were featured in her local bookshop window over Christmas.

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Apologies to all

Just an apology for anyone who’s contacted me on my blog about possible errors in any of my books. My computer skills and my WordPress skills in particular are pretty basic and the messages haven’t got through to me. I am going to go through all the queries, check them, and put any errors on my Errata page in this blog. This might take me a bit of time as I knitted the items a while back and they’ll need a careful check. Sorry guys. Will get some help so that any comments of this kind can get through to my main email address in future. Please rest assured my patterns are checked several times but mistake still do happen – some of my problems, while not exactly complicated, involve lots of steps and my team and I are only human.

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Hello Sailor!

Hello Sailor!

I have just created some FREE doll knitting patterns for the excellent and much-needed charity called the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Children’s Fund that supports servicemen and their families.

See here for more info and how to get your hands on the pattern. The picture shows a Royal Navy sailor but the pattern includes instructions for a Royal Marine doll too. Hope you all like it and please spread the word.

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April 26, 2013 · 12:56 pm

Michael and me

Michael and me

I almost had to pinch myself last week when I appeared on Dutch TV’s Graham Norton equivalent (Paul de Leeuw) with not other than Michael Buble. Here he is with the dolls from my Dutch book on their lovely royal family. And no… I didn’t actually touch Michael — though we did talk on TV. He’s a good enough reason to start blogging again isn’t he? Very handsome, young and wealthy – I can see why he has such a beautiful wife!


April 7, 2013 · 7:55 pm

I normally like Anthropologie but really

Now I am normally a fan of the fashion and home shop Anthropologie – if not exactly keen on it rather hefty prices.

But isn’t this necklace completely mad (yeah I know it looks more like some weird headband)?

For starters it isn’t even nice – don’t think the colours work at all.

But worse than that,  it costs a staggering £198!

Now if I wasn’t actually quite busy at the moment, I think I could knock up a few decent copies if only I could think of some friends that I’d really want to get rid of.


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Nice to know I’m a ‘knit genius’

Nice to know I'm a 'knit genius'

My friend Jess spotted my Knitivity book in this quirky little bit in last Sunday’s Telegraph newspaper in the UK.

Must say that this journalist has pretty eclectic taste. My book’s easiest the most mainstream item there!


November 24, 2011 · 7:28 pm

This is definitely London’s best book shop

Thanks to my publishers for spotting this display in a corner of the famous five-storey Foyles bookshop in London’s Charing Cross Road.

The bookshop has been in Charing Cross Road since 1906 and used to be run by the very eccentric Christina Foyle. It was recently voted no.1 bookshop in London by the influential Time Out magazine so it’s good to know they’re selecting their books wisely.

I spent many hours browsing through the politics section when I was a student and who’d have thought…

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